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Pakistan Super League 2022 Prize Money Breakdown, All you need to know

With the new season of the Pakistan Super League that is scheduled to begin from 27th January 2022, the organizers have also announced that the series is going to commence within a span of a month which is on 27th February 2022. The League is like any other domestic league which is a 20 over match between the teams that are based in the cities of Pakistan. So here we provide you with the detailed version of the Pakistan Super League 2022 Prize Money Breakdown.

The organizers have announced the dates of the PSL 2022. They have also announced and cleared that the winners and the runners-up are going to get a hefty sum as their cash prize for this season.

Pakistan Super League 2022 Prize Money Breakdown

As we mentioned above, here is the entire breakdown of the Prize money for the Pakistan Super Cricket League for the year 2022. The board of cricket in Pakistan has confirmed the 7th season of PSL 2022. PCA has also stated that they are willing to increase the size of its prize pool this year. Therefore why they’ve decided to raise their total PSL prize to $3.5 million. 

The tournament of PSL 2021 total prize money paid out for the event was 112 million PKR. Winners of PSL 2021 won 80 million PKR and the team that finished second received 35 million PKR. So now, the total prize cash of PSL 2022 has been raised from 112 million PKR up to 130 million in PKR. The share of the prize for the winner has seen an increase too. In the event of a winner, PSL 2022 will receive an amount of 90 million PKR.

Prize Money Winners Table 2022

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Take a look at the table below that states the entire list of the winner’s prize pot for the upcoming season of PSL 2022.

CategoryPrize Money
Champion$500K (PKR 8.82 Crores)
Runner Up$200K (PKR 3.50 Crores)
3rd Place$76K (PKR 1.34 Crores)
4th Place$44K (PKR 77 Lakhs)
Man of the Match$4.5K (PKR 8 Lakhs)
Player of tournament$20K (PKR 35 Lakhs)
Leading Runs Scorer$20K (PKR 35 Lakhs)
Leading Wickets Taker$20K (PKR 35 Lakhs)

What were changes and Why? All you need to know

It was very astonishing when the organizers and the officials had announced the prize money of the teams for PSL in the past few years as it had been exactly the same. The fourth season also did not gain momentum on the part of the players as the prize money wasn’t up to the mark. With the various alliances looking good, PSL should build the prize money to stay at the top of its game.

However, after the first few seasons and the disappointing rewards, finally, the organizers had decided to increase the money prize for the teams. The top 4 teams, as well as sun categories, will be rewarded with a heft sum of prize money. Fans are now eagerly waiting to see who might sweep all the awards.

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