During Game 2 of the Philadelphia 76ers versus New York Knicks matchup, NBA’s Last 2 Minutes report revealed critical missed calls. It highlighted 76ers coach Nick Nurse’s unsuccessful timeout attempts and confirmed Tyrese Maxey’s two fouls before his turnover, leading to Donte DiVincenzo’s game-winning 3-pointer.

As a result of these disclosures, spectators and commentators are left with plenty of food for thought and speculation during the game’s pivotal moments.

The Philadelphia 76ers, fuming at alleged unfairness in the officiating, first considered protesting losing 104-101 to the Knicks on Monday night, falling behind 2-0 in the series. But Tyrese Maxey, who was just named the league’s Most Improved Player on Tuesday’s TNT telecast, offered some context.

In a kind and open moment, Maxey steered the conversation away from dissatisfaction and toward resilience by reminding the team and supporters alike to keep cool and concentrate on the bigger picture.

Maxey denied the clean catch

“We are unable to think about it right now. Should we continue to focus on it, we will lose 0–3 in a few days. Not 0-3 down is what we desire. It is still possible for us to win this series. Not only for ourselves but for everyone else as well, we intend to show that.

“Let go of the past; it begins now. Be the more resilient team — not only physically, but emotionally as well — when the ball is put up on Thursday and tomorrow during practice.” Maxey quoted to usnews.

Before Jalen Brunson’s game-winning 3-pointer with just 27 seconds remaining, the Philadelphia 76ers had a tenuous five-point lead against the Dallas Mavericks in a thrilling matchup. The 76ers had to contend with a strong defense led by Josh Hart and Brunson when trying to inbound the ball to Maxey.

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As Hart snatched the ball, Maxey struck the court, but the NBA’s review showed that Brunson’s jersey grab obstructed Maxey’s catch, and Hart’s contact caused Maxey to fall. The NBA analyzed this crucial sequence to show how narrow margins of victory decide NBA games.

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