With a 5-4 victory, Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Dodgers completed a series sweep of the San Francisco Giants by hitting his first home run. With his exceptional playing skills, the Dodgers led 5-3 after Ohtani battered a 430-foot fly ball to right center field, coming in the bottom of the seventh inning. 

Dodger fans erupted in cheers as Ohtani hit his first home run since joining the team in a record-breaking deal of $700 million last December. 

The ace player, who is thought to be the best all-around baseball player since Babe Ruth, waited patiently to hit his first home run off Giants pitcher Taylor Rogers. Before the match with the Giants, Ohtani was disappointed in his attempt to end his home run fall  despite collecting eight hits in his previous eight Dodgers regular season starts. 

Giants smashed

He stated: “I’ve just been working on making sure I can swing the way I want to without rushing things…I really wanted to put up results, but I’m really glad I was able to get a home run today.” 

“Honestly I’m very relieved that I was able to hit my first homer. It’s been a while and my swing hasn’t been great, so just very relieved overall,” he added.

Moreover, Ohtani said that Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, had given him a pep talk earlier on Wednesday, which had given him confidence in his playing. 

“He told me, ‘Just be yourself and don’t try to do too much,'” Ohtani said. “It really helped me a lot, just being able to calm myself down and hopefully I’ll continue to do that,” Ohtani declared.

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In other news, security officers quickly approached and escorted to safety a female fan who caught Ohtani’s first home run ball. If fans decide to keep these notable home run baseballs instead of returning them to the club, they can sell these for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, at auction.

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