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Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Officials are hesitant to give Chetan Sharma a second chance

Will there be any takers for Chetan Sharma on the BCCI New Selection Committee?

Next Monday, the BCCI will reveal the new lineup of the selection committee after appointing the Cricket Advisory Committee. The applicants for the selection committee have been shortlisted by the Indian board and CAC.

The CAC will now interview the selected individuals and make a decision by the end of next week. The new BCCI and CAC are unsure whether to give Chetan Sharma, the former chairman of the selection committee, a second chance. His application for the position has been submitted once more. A major responsibility awaits the CAC and selectors, including a choice about the India T20 Reboot.

“The CAC is in place. Currently, we are developing a short list of candidates for the selection committee. By the next week, we ought to have the names.”

According to a BCCI official, the CAC will conduct the interviews and create the list.

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Chetan Sharma and Harvinder Singh, on the other hand, are surrounded by a lot of uncertainty. The two selectors still have their terms.

While both have reapplied, not everyone at the BCCI is convinced despite this. The two did not receive brand-new contracts. They had to reapply instead. That effectively resulted in the BCCI firing both of the former selectors.

It should be noted that Sulakshana Naik, a member of the former CAC, is still employed. It will be up to Ashok Malhotra and Jatin Paranjape, the two new members. Malhotra’s prior close relationship with him may work in Chetan Sharma’s favor. Jatin Paranjape, a recent CAC member, was contacted by InsideSport. He would not, however, confirm or reject the development.

“We shall all decide together. Nobody is disqualified. Chetan has had a difficult time. He had some successes and some failures. Failure as a team means not winning the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup. The players or the selection cannot only be held accountable. There will be a discussion over whether Chetan will return,” the person said.

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