Pro kabaddi league has a barrier or a weight limit for the player to enter in the current tournament. Pro kabaddi had been successfully started and had a successful matches this season after the cancellation of previous season due to COVID protocols. Players participating in the league have to full fill the weight criteria.

The most heaviest player in Pro kabaddi league season 8 is manjeet chillar with weight of about 82 kg which is the highest among the pro kabaddi player’s. The age limit for mens kabaddi league is upto 85 kg manjeet barely fits in the criteria of men’s pro kabaddi league. There are more players after Manjeet who has the heaviest weight.

List of Player with heaviest weight in Pro kabaddi league

Take a look at top 3 heaviest player participating in pro kabaddi league season 8 along with their teams and position they play for their teams. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on Pro kabaddi league.

Player Name Position Team
Manjeet chillar(82kg) All Rounder Dabang Delhi
Pawan kumar(82kg) Raider Bengaluru bulls
Lee Jang-kun(82kg) Raider Bengal Warriors

So this is the list of top heaviest player of Pro kabaddi league where Manjeet chilar has the highest weight among them. Pawan and manjeet star player’s for their team and had performed very well in the season. Manjeet chilar an all Rounder is just for a name sake the true power of the man’s comes when he defends the points for his team as a defender. Pawan kumar captain of Bengaluru bulls is an explosive style raider with good height and attacking strategy.

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As the league is going in a different level as it’s been started and may reach certain heights before the reach the final week of the league where tables where turn around. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on kabaddi matches schedule dates and time.

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