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Which country is best at volleyball?

Volleyball is a professional team sports that is played at the Summer Olympics since the year 1964. Over the year the sport has induced many changes and added a lot of techniques. there a number of consistent techniques which have evolved in this sport including spiking and blocking, defensive techniques, etc. It is said that the game first originated from Unites states by William G Morgan, who developed a new game with the basic rules of Badminton.

The game has similar rules to badminton, however here it is played by a volley-ball and has six players in one team divi9ded by a net. The idea to score is that the ball must land on the opponents court, provided that they do not pass it on to you. There are three sets in each match that is supposed to be played which will decide the winning team. So lets take a look at the best volleyball team over the World.

Which is The best country to play Volleyball?

Here are the top five countries that stand the top position when is comes to the sport Volleyball at number 1 we have Brazil. So take a look at the details of the team and what are the other top countries.


Brazil tops the list of the most successful teams in volleyball. Although there have been speculations, China and America beg to differ. They seem to have something to say about their position at the this sport. However, Brazil’s history with volleyball is very impressive. They own 10 Olympic indoor medals, nine World Championship indoor medals, a world-best 18 FIVB World League medals and a world-best 17 World Grand Prix medals.

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The most interesting year for the team has been the 2016 Rio Olympics. Brazil was the host nation, they had acquired medals in three disciplines out of four: indoor gold for the men, beach gold for the men, and beach silver for the women. The most amazing thing, though, is that some would say that haul was a letdown.

2. United States of America.

America stand at the second position as per the FIVB ranking with 379 points as per September 2021. The country has won six beach volleyball gold medals in six Olympics however, brazil has won only 3. Nevertheless, it is a well known fact that USA has a better functioning of volleyball program than any other countries, since it comes under developed countries.

Bronze was all the Americans could produce in Rio, as the indoor men and women placed third, as did Kerri Walsh Jennings and April Ross on the beach. The American volleyball team have managed to win three silvers and two bronzes medals at the Olympics. They haven’t received any gold yet, but looking at their recent forms they might have a chance.

3. China

At number three we have China. The most interesting about it is, China has earned the position entirely on the basis of the women’s volleyball team. China has achieved 350 points so far, according to the FIVB ranking, 2021 list. As far as Chinese men are concerned, they still are yet to receive a medal at a major international competition.

The Chinese women have owned two beach volleyball Olympic medals. They have also worked towards winning four beach worlds medals, six Olympic indoor medals, and five worlds indoor medals. These achievements are one of the major reasons why they stand at the top.

4. Russia

Surprisingly, Russia has put efforts to amke a little impact at the points table of FIVB ranking. They have medal counts that are skewed, the reason is that they get most of their medals by the Soviet Union. They have a been impacted by the political scenario, before its dissolution, the Soviet Union had easily grasped 12 Olympic volleyball medals. So in short, Russia own about 6 medals, which were 6 games played in the past.

At last we can add that Russia although earned fourth place in the men’s indoor team and fourth for the beach duo of Viacheslav Krasilnikov and Konstantin Semenov.

5. Germany

The fifth spot is taken by Germany. German men had taken the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball acquiring a gold, meanwhile German women topped the podium in Rio. At both these occasions, the German duos kicked off Brazilians in the Olympic final. Moreover, Germans swamped five World Championship medals on the beach volleyball matches.

Stating about Indoors, East Germany has received Olympic medals, to be precise one-men’s silver in 1972 and another women’s silver in 1980. They also own the most recent, bronze in 2014 and in the World Grand Prix, the German women have collected two medals .

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