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Who has won the most 6 Nations Grand Slams?

Rugby union where among 6 Nations one team defeats all the remaining 5 teams or nation in a one year competition is known as Grand Slams. The rugby is popular game among the youth of England. The teams are clashed between nation for a particular match in rugby union. There are total of 6 teams participating in the league. The question remains who has won most grands slam among all the team in Rugby union.

England is the team who had won most of the grand slam in rugby union. England had named 13 grand slam in league. Rugby is an agressive game where two teams face each other with huge squad each player playing in a different positions. Rugby is the only game when about 30 players play from the start of the game on field. Take a look at rugby union grand slam stats.

List of teams and grands slam acchived by them

Grand slams list will be updated on the pages as per the changes. Here are the recent stats regarding Nations and number of grand Slam acchived by them. Stay updated on the page to also get live stats on schedule of rugby union and rugby matches between the six nations.

Teams Grand Slam
England 13
wales 12
France 9
Ireland 3
Scotland 3
Italy 0

England has the most number of grand slam in rugby union where as wales is not much back than England. England has about 13 and Wales have about 12 in their respective name. Wales and England have a tough competition regarding grand slams and we will get to see this spark this year to. France has about 9 grand slam as per the stats but France rugby international team is a much better and balance team. There is no doubt about England team as their are strong hold of the international rugby games.

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