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It appears that Jake Paul’s viewpoint regarding the PFL is upsetting the UFC hierarchy, indicating a degree of unease on his part. As the official confirmation of the acquisition was made, the title “PFL buys Bellator” caused a stir on major MMA news sites.

Dana White wasn’t afraid to voice her unfavorable thoughts about the past business performance metrics of both MMA companies when answering questions concerning the PFL-Bellator merger.

‘The Problem Child’ Jake Paul discussed the PFL’s takeover of Bellator MMA and Dana White’s reaction to the merger in an open discussion with Mike Heck of MMA Fighting.

“Paul made a suggestion that PFL was applying pressure to the UFC president, implying that when the acquisition was formally announced, PFL’s action made headlines in every major MMA publication.

“Paul saw that White had alluded to possible friction between the two MMA organizations in his remarks on their respective business KPIs.

“It’s a massive deal. Of course Dana’s going to say that to protect his business. But the UFC is falling. Like what big fights are they putting on? Their biggest star and the heavyweight champion of their organization came to the PFL for better opportunities. The fighters are going where the better opportunities are.” an article from sportskeeda.com mentioned.

Jake Paul’s journey to a PFL MMA match

Jake Paul has been associated with PFL since early 2023 and has expressed interest in competing in mixed martial arts within the Smart Cage. Paul had originally planned to make his MMA debut by late 2023, but that plan fell through.

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Despite this, Paul hasn’t refrained from bringing up names like Nate Diaz as possible opponents, following MMA rules.

Last summer, Jake Paul defeated the legendary Stockton star via points in their boxing career. The former Disney star wants to keep up a 2-0 record in two different combat sports against the former UFC title contender.

Paul’s professional boxing record is seven wins, one loss, and four knockouts. He has triumphed against big names like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley twice, and Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul is returning to the boxing scene and preparing for his highly anticipated December 15 fight against Andre August, who is by far his most experienced opponent to date. This match is a major test for Paul’s boxing career because the two competitors will square off in an eight-round bout under the prestigious Queensberry rules.

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