The Los Angeles Dodgers faced criticism after agent Nez Balelo exposed a squandered chance for Arte Moreno and the Los Angeles Angels to sign the great player during the whirlwind tour of Shohei Ohtani’s baseball career.

Ohtani reportedly had several suitors, but if the Angels had taken more initiative, he might have stayed. Disappointed supporters vented their annoyances online, especially directed at Moreno.

A businessman from Arizona, Moreno’s career started in advertising after graduating. His foray into baseball began in 1986, when he purchased the minor league Salt Lake Trappers. Following the Angels’ 2002 World Series victory, he added the Angels to his collection, closing a major chapter in his ownership odyssey.

Angels and Ohtani

Since taking over the squad, Arte Moreno has not shied away from making significant financial commitments to acquire elite players.

But his choice to rename the team caused a huge response from fans, and now that the team isn’t able to keep Ohtani, there’s more of the same unhappiness.

Ohtani’s agent, Nez Balelo, revealed that Moreno’s attempts to convince the top player to stay failed, which was his first significant wasted chance, even though there was a chance to keep the player.

Supporters are calling on Mike Trout to think about making a trade that might launch his career as Shohei Ohtani bids the Los Angeles Angels farewell.

Ohtani and Trout were the two bright spots on an Angels team that had two of the best players of the modern era but was unable to secure meaningful wins.

Given their combined skill and the team’s lack of significant victories, supporters are excited about the possibility that Trout will leave to start a new chapter in his career.

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Main Pointers

  • Callouts from the fans: In response to Ohtani’s departure, many are calling on Trout to think about making a transfer as well, expressing a wish for a shift in his professional path.


  • Possible Shift: It could be wise for the renowned slugger to look into new options following nine seasons with the Angels, which included missing the postseason.


  • Playoff Drought: Despite Trout’s skill, the Angels haven’t participated in the postseason during his time there, which has led to rumors that he would leave.


  • New Horizons: Given his skill and background, Trout could benefit from a change of direction, leading to new chances and challenges.


  • Unfulfilled Expectations: Trout’s nine-year tenure with the Angels has resulted in no postseason appearances, which has sparked debate regarding the possibility of a trade for the top player.


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