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German Darts Championship 2022 Tickets: How To and Where To Buy Tickets, Price All You Need To Know

The German Dart Championship is an Annual Professional Dart tournament organized in Germany. The tournament was started in 2007 and is played in Germany. The tournament is organized by Professional Darts Corporation and currently, it is held in Halle 39 which is located in Hildesheim in Germany. Devon Peterson is the current champion of the tournament.

The Tournament will be starting from 11th March and will be following the Legs Format. The event will be played for 3 days from 11th March to 13th March. The tickets for this 3-day event will vary from different ranges. The range will be from 0-27,50 €. Below is the complete information about how and where to buy the tickets and the complete Prices.

German Darts Championship 2022 Ticket Price

The event will be for 3 days and various events and Rounds will be conducted on each day. The match will be played in Halle 39 which has different layouts for seating that will give different views and experiences to the viewers.

The tickets can be booked from the official site of the PDC Europe website. They have provided all the information related to seating arrangement and prices and each day’s event. Even we provide you with the information for the same. Below is the schedule and prices for the German Darts Championship.

German Dart Championship 2022 Schedule

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March 11, 2022. Day 1

Freitag Nachmittag Session

Admission: 12:00 | 13:00 – 17:00

Freitag Abend Session

Admission: 18:00 | 19:00-23:00

March 12, 2022. Day 2

Samstag Nachmittag Session

Admission: 12:00 | 13:00-17:00

March 13, 2022. Day 3

Sonntag Nachmittag Session

Admission: 12:00 | 13:00-17:00

Sonntag VIP

Admission: 12:00 | 13:00-23:00

Sonntag Abend Session

Admission: 18:00 | 19:00-23:00

German Dart Championship 2022 Ticket Price

Freitag Nachmittag Session0-17,50 €
Freitag Abend Session0-22.50€
Samstag Nachmittag Session0-27,50€
Sonntag Nachmittag Session
Sonntag VIP180€
Sonntag Abend Session0-35€

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