Katelyn Tuohy, much like the 100-meter sprint queen Sha’Carri Richardson, has rewritten multiple records in her time in college. The youngster rose to fame back when she was still in North Rockland High School and continued on her path to become one of the best middle- and long-distance runners her country has ever seen.

With Laurie Henes as her coach, Touhy has experienced great success at the NC state. In June 2022, she won her first national championship in the outdoor 5K competition. Over the next two seasons, Tuohy would go on the rampage, winning her maiden cross-country crown and two more in the 3K and 5K indoor events.

With her athleticism, grit, and determination, Tuohy has racked up an astounding number of accolades and feats over the years, a testament that she is nothing short of a brilliant athlete-in-the-making. 

Tuohy has won 4 NCAA Titles, 3 NCAA cross-country team titles, 11 All-American titles, and 5 SEC championships. In addition to her titles, Tuohy has also set three NCAA records: 4:24.26 for the mile, 8:35.20 for the 3K, and 15:03.12 for the outdoor 5K.

Tuohy turns pro

Deciding to forego the rest of her collegiate eligibility at North Carolina State University in the NCAA, Tuohy finally made the big jump in her career and turned pro with Adidas.

She formally announced her decision this week on Instagram.

Tuohy wrote in her post that she was overcome with appreciation for all of the help, advice, and inspiration she had received during the previous three and a half years of her time at NC State. She expressed her gratitude to the university, her teammates, the coaching staff, the support staff, and everyone else who had a part in her stay at NC State. 

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Tuohy then announced that she will now be running professionally for Adidas and that she looks forward to the next chapters and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Touhy’s dream

In her exclusive interview with CITIUS MAG, Tuohy opened up about her dream of becoming a professional runner. She recalls one meeting she had in high school where her coach was saying how he’d never coached a professional runner. The coach then turned to face her at that point and said, “Yet.”

According to Tuohy, it was the first time she had the impression that someone had faith in her ability to succeed. Tuohy claimed that following her dream and seeing it through to completion has been ‘really cool.’

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