The AP Poll saw seismic movements throughout the championship weekend, revealing a stunning new top four in Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Florida State. SEC fans were incensed by the exclusion of Georgia and Alabama, which came in at Nos. 5 and No. 6, respectively.

Alabama’s thrilling 27-24 victory over Georgia in the SEC title game caused the seismic upset, which sent the College Football Playoff selection committee into a state of disarray. This shuffle in the rankings provides a tantalizing glimpse of the mayhem that lies ahead as the committee attempts to completely transform the playoff landscape—a monumentally difficult task.

Some people, probably those who support the SEC, appear obsessed with the line that separates greatness from merit. Sports tournaments are meant to decide who has the right to advance in the sport, are they not? Many ardent SEC fans are making a variety of ludicrous arguments in an attempt to keep the conference from missing out on the College Football Playoff for the first time during this time.

Could this AP poll be a sign of things to come?

Selection Day has never witnessed such dramatic changes: the shocking elimination of Georgia from the top four, the inexplicable exclusion of Florida State, an undefeated Power Five champion, the potential threat of Alabama, the SEC champion, and the extraordinary preference of Texas, an 11-1 team, over Alabama, an 11-1 team they have already defeated. The committee is about to make some uncomfortable judgments, and judging by the commotion surrounding the AP Top 25, happiness for all parties involved appears improbable.

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