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The 2024 NCAA Track and Field Championships have finally commenced, and numerous athletes are eager to make their mark, show what they are capable of, and set new records. They are driven by burning ambition to make the cut as the 2024 Olympic trials are about to happen soon. 

The rising athletes 

In the women’s 100 metres, McKenzie Long garnered a time of 10.91 seconds, one of her personal bests. Long was also ranked number 1 in the world with a performance of 22.03 seconds in this year’s season in the 200 metres. With her world class speed, she continues to prove herself by breaking her own seconds as she achieved a record of 21.95 seconds in the NCAA semi-finals. Her performance made her one of only four female collegiate sprinters in history to break 22 seconds in the 200 metres. 

In the men’s decathlon, Leo Neugebauer from Texas broke a collegiate record with a performance record of 8,961 points, which led him to be sixth in the world. The athlete also surpassed the decathlon discus world record during a 10-event series, with a throw of 57.70 meters. 

Moreover, in the women’s 10,000 metres, Parker Valby from Florida set a new record of 31 minutes 46 seconds, a 10km pace that equates to a  time of 5 minutes and 6 seconds per mile or 3 minutes and 10 seconds per kilometer. 

Furthermore,  a new collegiate world record was established in javelin throw by Rhema Otabor from Nebraska with a record of 64.19 metres. This distance broke the previous NCAA record by 2 metres. 



Source: Total Running Productions

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