The renowned wrestler Dutch Mantell, who was best known as Zeb Colter in the WWE, has received a great deal of recognition from renowned writer Bill Apter. Following Mantell’s announcement on Facebook that he was hospitalized with an unexplained ailment, Apter expressed his sincere wishes for a speedy recovery. Supporting and wishing the beloved personality well during this difficult time is the wrestling community’s show of unity.

The recent hospitalization of Dutch Mantell for an unidentified ailment has sparked conversations on a number of platforms, including this week’s Mac Davis-hosted episode of The Wrestling Time Machine. After veteran journalist Bill Apter expressed his opinions on the matter, the wrestling world as a whole became quite aware of it and became concerned.

Apter; “Dutch, get well. I am sure you are watching this, you are a big fan of all the shows here on Sportskeeda and Wrestlebinge. You are definitely gonna kick out and be back shortly. Dutch Mantell by the way has got to be one of the few people in this business I have ever met that always says what is on his mind. Whether he is politically incorrect, correct whatever. When he wants to say something, and he means it, he will do it. He is a really good guy,”  an article from shared.

Bill Apter offered his thoughts on a possible former champion joining the WWE once more

The legendary journalist is well-known in the wrestling community for his extraordinary ability to predict important developments in the pro wrestling realm. Interestingly, Bill Apter has been overheard making predictions on a previous champion’s possible comeback. He was asked recently if he thought Sasha Banks, aka Mercedes Moné, would return to the Stamford-based business.

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Bill Apter; “Well, miss Moné, we don’t know yet if she is gonna come back to WWE. She might sign with AEW or Ring of Honor. But I’d love to see her back in WWE. If Jade Cargill who has said just wait, we are planning things around me that are gonna be really a gem and successful, I think a match against Sasha Banks would be in the cards. I think it would be magnificent,” an article from shared.

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