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Which is the strongest team in pro kabaddi?

Pro Kabaddi League season 8 had been kick-started and there is doubt which team will qualify for the leagues by playing upcoming matches. So here we had got some stats about the team which can be a qualified team for this season or let me say the strongest team for this season of pro kabaddi league 2021 and overall. So take a look at the strongest team of pro kabaddi league.

Patna pirates the consistent team to perform well in the Pro Kabaddi league and a three-time title-winning team. Patna Pirates had won 3 titles that are season 3, season 4, and season 5 of the pro kabaddi league. They are not just stated as the strongest team in pro kabaddi just because they have won three titles they have been qualifying for each season of pro kabaddi league which shows their consistent performance in the league.

Will patna Pirates Qualify for this season

The probability of Patna qualifying for this season is also high as they had been performing well in their matches and are able to secure the top position in the points table. Currently, Patna pirates are in the 2nd position on the points table with 11 matches played among them are 7 wins and 3 losses with one draw. This year also has been good for Patna pirates and has a higher probability than any other team to qualify for this year.

Patna Pirates are able to secure about 40 points on the points table. Sachin top raider of Patna pirates had been scoring marvelous points in the match with combos of super raids hand touch and bonus which keeps the flow of the match. Mhomhadrez the star all-rounder had been performing well since the start of the season and had contributed about 30 tackle points this year. A good balance team with experience and a skilled player has a higher probability to win the trophy.

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