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Which is the famous sports car?

When we talk about sport or super car Lamborghini always cross through our mind. Lamborghini Aventador is the famous sports car avilable in India. The car has highly specified and have many thing to go through. Lamborghini Aventador is considered as most powerful and famous sports car all over the world. Take a look at the specifications of most famous sports car in the world.

As sports car does not comes with a good milaga but Lamborghini Aventador has some what proper milage of about 7.69 kilometres per litre. City milage is low upto not more tha. 3 kilometres per litre. Lamborghini Aventador the name itself shows hom much power this car has. Lamborghini Aventador comes in three different specs or we can say model that are Lamborghini s, Lamborghini svj, Lamborghini s roadster.

All of the models are top class and has variety of contains in it. Lamborghini has upto 12 cylinder and runs totally on petrol. All Lamborghini model have automatically transmitor or gear shifter. Car has properly secured air bag protection with power starings to make quick turns. Has more than 2 to 3 modes to drive in such as sports mode or drive mode and etc. Each mode has its own feature that’s what make this car unique.

If we talk about the design of the car it’s been structured in a coupe body type dimensions a flat surface car. The car doors open upward which make it one of the coolest car ever. Lamborghini on road price in india is upto 5.8 crore to 11 crore ma varry as per inflation and deflation. Only two persons at a time can occupy the car and has power about 8500 rpm which gives the car a good pick up. The best part of the car is its speed can go about 365 kilometres per hour.

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