Brivio will leave Alpine at the end of 2023, capping a three-year journey that involved adjusting to his new roles within the team. Brivio was previously Alpine’s racing director. During this time, there were rumors that he might make a comeback to MotoGP and that he might team up with Honda again. A potential comeback in the fast-paced world of MotoGP is heavily hinted at by Alpine’s latest statement, which portrays their split as a mutual choice intended to support Brivio’s pursuit of new career pathways.

The professional story surrounding Brivio’s departure from Alpine suggests that he will soon be returning to the heart-pounding world of MotoGP. The team’s friendly confirmation of their separation suggests that there are new opportunities ahead and that Brivio’s future pursuits may once more cross paths with the exhilarating courses and fierce competitiveness of MotoGP.

Will Brivio be back in the MotoGP?

There has been a lot of talk recently in the world of motorsports about a possible change in leadership at Repsol Honda. There are hints that he could replace Alberto Puig as team manager. As a result of Marc Marquez’s departure after two seasons in which the team performed less well than usual, Honda is currently undergoing a major revamp. When technical director Shinichi Kokubu left the company, it was the first shock of this restructuring and the beginning of significant internal upheavals. Brivio, who has worked closely with prestigious Japanese brands in the motorsports business, brings a lot of experience from his previous employment with Suzuki and Yamaha.

The possible succession of leadership within Repsol Honda’s ranks is highlighted by this change in the motorsports scene, namely the rumored transfer of Alberto Puig’s position as team principal to him. The background of this change centers on Honda’s massive reorganization when Marc Marquez left the team after two difficult seasons, which led to a significant reorganization inside the company.

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The most notable change in this reengineering phase was the notable departure of Shinichi Kokubu, the technical director. Brivio has a distinguished background in the motorsports industry, having held key positions at both Suzuki and Yamaha in the past. These qualities make him an excellent choice for this important post.

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