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Thursday, December 8, 2022
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Twitter fight between Jamie Carragher and Rio Ferdinand about Ronaldo

Rio Ferdinand was called out by Jamie Carragher to be a “fan boy” of Cristiano Ronaldo. This happened during an awful Twitter feud between the two football legends. The whole story started when Ronaldo was benched for the sixth premier league game straight. 

Then, his team lost 6-3 against Manchester City, United’s bitter rivals. Rio Ferdinand, being a former defender for Manchester United came to the spotlight criticizing Erik ten Hag. He claimed that Ten Hag benching Ronaldo was not a good move, especially during such an important game. 

Ferdinand stated, “You can’t have your top goalscorer, who scores 24 or 25 goals a season, on the bench. I’m sorry.”

“People keep talking about… And I see Roy Keane talking about it and I totally agree – why are we so concerned with what people don’t do all the time? What’s he good at? The hardest thing to do in football is score goals and this guy does it as good, if not better, than anybody.”

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Jamie Carragher on the other hand publicly expressed his support for Manchester United’s manager. He supported Ten Hag’s decision to start with Marcus Rashford and claimed that, “The idea that Erik ten Hag got it wrong yesterday by not playing Ronaldo is laughable.” 

Carragher being a former Liverpool player then added “Ronaldo played at Brentford when it was 4-0 at ht!! It’s not a dig at CR, but Rashford’s pace on the counter attack as we saw v Arsenal /Liverpool was 100 per cent the best option.”

Later, Ferdinand shared a response to Carragher’s remarks by uploading a video regarding his opinions. He jabbed at Carragher’s saltiness towards Ronaldo when he infamously refused to shake hands with the former Liverpool player earlier this season. 

Ferdinand stated, “You’re still mad, Carra, that he didn’t extend his hand to you at Old Trafford? Goal scoring in football is the most difficult task “

Carragher shared a response on Twitter by quote tweeting the video, “Rio I know how it works, he’s your mate & you/Evra & the rest are on the group WhatsApp & he asks you to come out & defend him, don’t be his fan boy you’re Rio Ferdinand for FFS!!”

Ferdinand responded being oblivious with a Whatsapp group and told Carragher to stop getting ‘bullied.’ Netizens had alot to say about the whole situation as well, due to the fact that it is rare for us to see two former players who are legends of their own ranks fighting on Twitter, a very public online space. 

Netizens called Carragher a ‘hypocrite’ for not calling out his ‘friend’ Steven Gerrard and claimed that Gerrard has a worse record in Aston Villa than Gary Nevil had at Valencia. Others went on making fun of Carragher with a photo depicting that he has never won a league title with Liverpool, in a way a direct attack towards the former Liverpool player. “Yeah you’re right, Rio Fernandino is a six time Premier League winner and even he is a fan boy. Who do you think you are?” Netizens are definitely not happy with Carragher’s remarks after being merciless towards him. 

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