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Friday, December 9, 2022
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“I’m not stupid” – Antonio Conte’s gripping words on Tottenham 3-1 loss

Antonio Conte, who is known to be quite loud with the media had recently come out with a quote saying “I’m not stupid – I can teach football to many people.” This is because fans were criticising him for his on field strategy. 

Of course, Conte would defend his own strategy, even after the 3-1 loss against Arsenal last Saturday. He insisted that his team has never been as vulnerable after getting backlashes for their recent loss. Furthermore, he went on to make jabs against Manchester United for losing 6-3 against Manchester City. 

Conte stated that, “We are talking about a young player with a good prospect, but I try to pick the best team. I’m not stupid, I don’t want to lose. I try to pick the best team. If they trust me it’s , if they don’t trust me then I’m the coach and I need to make the best decision for Tottenham.”

This statement was made by him after he sidelined the new £20 million player Djed Spence after not giving him more playing time. He stated that if a player is not picked to play on the field, it means that the player is not ready to play. Conte then added that “fans will be fans.” 

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On Twitter, a post that gained some traction stated that Conte told his fans on where to ‘shove it’ during prime time. The original poster went on adding that he is a ‘bloke’. However, netizens agree with Antonio Conte, coupled with the fact that he is the team’s manager and he sees these players everyday. 

Basically, a majority of people are siding with him as he definitely knows what he is talking about. “100% behind him, it’s his team and he should make the decisions,” said a netizen on Twitter. More comments supporting Conte stated that this is what the enemy teams want from Tottenham, for the fans to criticise their own team. 

The upcoming match against Eintracht Frankfurt will further define Conte’s team and if they lose this match it would be difficult for the team to advance further in Europe. Now, Antonio Conte’s main goal is to get the disappointment of Tottenham’s loss against Arsenal out of his players system and focus on Eintracht Frankfurt. 

The fiery Italian confessed his team needed to “play with more personality” in tense situations after dropping points in three London derbies and succumbing to a Champions League loss in Lisbon, but Spurs were floundering after two losses in their last three games.

Conte then stated, “After a loss you want to play another game quickly, and we have this possibility tomorrow. We know very well the game will be very tough because we are playing against Eintracht Frankfurt, they won the Europa League last season. We are talking about one of the best teams in Germany.

“At the same time we want to play our cards here. I always say, this group, there is a great balance, and tomorrow it will be an important game for us, and also for them. Not decisive, but an important game.”

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