Gerard Pique

With his ex-girlfriend Shakira, known for her well-known hits like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa),” the handsome and retiring Gerard Pique has recently found himself in some hot waters. The breakup of the pair, who were together from 2011 until 2022, is currently a bloodbath.


Pique has been accused with cheating by Shakira. As a result of Shakira making their relationship issues public, netizens are stoking the flames on Twitter. She insisted that Pique doesn’t consume strawberry jam, but when she got home, she discovered that it had been consumed.

According to her, this is proof that he cheated on her. Fans got creative by making comments like “sherlockira” a word play on Sherlock Holmes and Shakira. Others made comments on how she must be “jelly” when she found out about the affair. 

Fans are attacking Pique for his misdemeanour as they claim that men who cheat on their girlfriends are awful. However, they are worse if they are willing to bring their mistress home.

Now, the Mirror stated that the 35-year-old Barcelona footballer and the 45-year-old Colombian singer had a heated argument that is thought to be related to Pique’s relationship with 23-year-old Clara Chia. The two split up last summer. 

With full irony, the couple started dating in October of last year. Before his relationship to Shakira ended, it is said that Gerard and Clara started dating. Ever since the couple announced their separation, rumours have surfaced about Pique’s suspected adultery.

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Shakira’s shade towards Pique 


The retired football player apparently isn’t as affluent as he was before leaving the pitch. Pique is a well-known player for Barcelona who began his career at Manchester United and has played more than 100 times for Spain.

In addition to breaking up with Shakira, he also broke up with football in 2022. Additionally, he was quite visible in the public eye, particularly during the Catalan independence movement in Spain.

Shakira made a not-so-subtle reference to her ex-boyfriend trading in a Rolex watch for a Casio watch and a Ferrari for a Twingo in her most recent hit song. Fans found that amusing because he is actually driving while sporting a Casio watch.

He appeared to be trying to avenge Shakira by dressing as she suggested. Some fans took offence at Shakira for making this a bigger deal than it needed to be considering that she allegedly cheated on her ex before dating Pique.


Football fans claimed that he was a “clown” when playing football and is also one when in a relationship. They are apparently not surprised at his behaviour. Others who are neutral claimed that fans should not get on anyone’s side as this was a relationship between two people and now that it is over, they should be adults and deal with it on their own merit. 

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