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In a Facebook football fan page, fans are making statements about Wout Weghorst, a 30-year-old Dutch footballer who was signed on loan to Manchester United. The fan then further added that Joao Felix was heavily criticised for joining United, but for his age, the stats he provides are quite good. 

Furthermore, some misinformation has been spread about Weghorst as the fan claimed that he scored only two goals. According to data, he has scored a total of 171 goals in his career. If it were to be about the Premier League, yes he has scored two goals for Burnley. 

Weghorst vs Felix 

Joao Felix
Image of Joao Felix, from Wikipedia.

Goal scoring for footballers is not the only benchmark with regards to one being a good player. This is applicable to strikers only as it is their duty to score goals. Unfortunately for Weghorst, he is a striker for United and currently has scored 0 goals for the team. 

The fan went on stating that many claimed that Joao Felix was not worth the £9 million loan deal, while Manchester United paid £6 million for Weghorst to not score any goals for his team. It is a surprise that Erik ten Hag is not complaining about his fellow Dutchman. 

However, Joao Felix has also yet to score for Chelsea, but it was his first appearance for the Blues. To top it all, Felix is only 23-years-old while Weghorst is significantly older than the Spaniard. 

Other fans criticised Felix as he received a red card for Chelsea on his first match. Fulham defeated them in a 2-1 match. Felix out of nowhere lunged on a Fulham player which unfortunately gave him a red card. 

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Fans defend Weghorst

However, fans were still defending Weghorst as the real facts were that United signed him for almost £3 million not £6 million. According to the news, the Dutchman was brought in by United to replace Cristiano Ronaldo. 


On Twitter, the sentiment towards him is generally positive. The platform where hate is usually sent to any celebrity type is seen to favour him. Some even claimed that fans of his club, Besiktas, would definitely hate Manchester United for stealing him from their club. 

Regardless, at his age, he might finally have the full opportunity to shine with Manchester United. Many other players do not have that opportunity for their career as it is not always that a large Premier League team is always looking for players in smaller clubs. 

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