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Which sport is most popular in USA?

United state of American plays a plenty of sports such as basketball, hockey, American football, base ball and soccer and other games to such as table tennis, tennis and etc but which sport is most popular in USA. As per the findings we had got an answer for this question as why and what sports are the major sports played in USA. Take a look at the most popular sports played in United States of America and why it’s most popular among the other’s.

American football is the most popular sports played in United States and is been popular among the residents of United States. So what are the reason why is American football such popular in United States. The main reason is tha game is named because it’s been invented and firstly played in America. American football has more than 400 million fans all over the world with many nations participating in their national leagues.

United States of America also keeps and national football championship where various teams participate at an international level where players from outside countries whit their club showcase their skills. As the league is been hosted in the United States that makes the second reason as it’s most popular game in United States of America. American football had made a space in people’s heart.

The game is very agressive in nature and has a fun elements and mostly is been telecast on the channel of United States which is also a main reason that it’s not as popular all over the world but the game is popular in USA. So this where the three main reason for popularity of America football in USA. Stay tuned on the page to get live updates and to know fun facts about American football and league and championship of American football conducted in USA.

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