American football refered as the most aggressive of all time where two teams play against each other one having the ball move forward and attacks the goal and the other teams tries to defend the goal. The shape of the ball is bit oval than the regular balls. So what will be the reason for not letting play American football in Olympics. Take a look at stats and information about American football leagues and championship.

The biggest American football championship is The National Football League (NFL) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association are the popular football league in United State. American footbal has over 410 Million popularity all over the world and are also played in other countries as USA mainly France, England, New Zealand, South Africa.

Why Americans football is not in Olympics?

So here American football is loved by more than 410 million fans all over the world but why is not played in Olympics. American football aslo have many nation who can enter the league with the strongest teams. So the main reason of American football not played in the Olympic is because the game is not compatible upto now to work in a competative level league. Atleast 7 days rest is been needed for the same team to recover and play the next match with full potential.

Second main reason is the high risk of injury and dominance of a particular nation in the Olympic. As United States is been the strongest team in national American football leagues so it will utterly show a dominance of one country. The game agressive nature can affects the player and high levels of injury will be faced by profession American footballers. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on American football player. So this are the main reason for not entertaining American football in Olympics.

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