After an eventful women’s tag team title match, WWE officials are thrilled and optimistic. Chelsea Green and Sonya Deville’s shocking victory over Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan has crowned them the new Women’s Tag Team Champions, leaving fans eager for more surprises.

In an unexpected turn of events, WrestleVotes says that management at the organization is overjoyed that Green and Deville are the WWE women’s tag team champions. This dynamic pair’s charisma and connection may be the secret to raising these belts to top honors despite their earlier difficulties in establishing legitimacy and awaiting exciting times.

“There is a feeling of optimism from the company around the new Women’s Tag Champs in Chelsea Green & Sonya Deville, with hopes the two can “stabilize” the tag titles with a substantial run as champions,” an article from reported.

The high-stakes tag team fight captivated the crowd in the arena and the watching at home with stunning moves and a shocking outcome.

Former WWE chief writer and member of the Legion of RAW Vince Russo discussed the physical narrative throughout the match; “The psychology was good though, bro. They worked the leg, so I mean, whoever was laying out this match, they told a good story, and the story was strong enough with Liv coming out at the end of the night. I thought it was fine for what it was,” an article from wrote.

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green met by chance, and their effortless chemistry helped them win the crown. Fans have been enthralled by their surprise alliance, demonstrating how professional wrestling can benefit greatly from unpredictable outcomes.

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