When he urged Aaron Judge to leave the New York Yankees last year, baseball veteran Jose Canseco—known for his unorthodox post-retirement remarks—sparked controversy. As he drifts further from the world of baseball and retains his enigmatic allure outside of the game, his most recent odd assertion holds our attention.

Canseco’s odd behavior was on the whole show when he tweeted about encountering an “alien ghost.” The internet was immediately blazing with fascination and wonder, lending Canseco’s enigmatic persona yet another intriguing aspect.

“I met an alien ghost that asked me for chocolate and hamburgers,” an article from sportskeeda.com mentioned.

Jose Canseco, a former baseball star, never ceases to astound with his absurd assertions, which have sparked both fascination and controversy. His claims range from knowing Bigfoot’s location to advising Aaron Judge to leave New York.” Aaron Judge Arietta was right to run don’t walk for the nearest exit get out of New York the place is a dump. The fans are awful” an article from sportskeeda.com mentioned.

Many people were astonished in 2016 when retired baseball player Jose Canseco warmly referred to then-businessman Donald Trump as “little buddy” and jokingly suggested he lead the Federal Reserve. Canseco was known for being frank about various subjects, but his audacity went beyond politics.

He adopted the role of an aspiring space explorer, channeling his inner Elon Musk, and delved into the complex calculations necessary to support life on the far-off red planet Mars. Canseco’s eclectic interests continue to captivate the audience, exhibiting a fascinating blend of bravery and inventiveness. They represent a singular synthesis of sports, politics, and space exploration.

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The six-time All-Star made headlines in 2017 when he accused Hall of Fame voters of “hypocrisy” for choosing Jeff Bagwell over acknowledged PED users Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire. The erratic tweets from baseball icon Jose Canseco have subsequently come to be associated with controversy, providing a steady stream of odd and fascinating stuff from him.

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