The Judgement Day receives a warning from Cody Rhodes, who insults a new member

An uproar of excitement erupted during Monday Night RAW with Cody Rhodes seizing the spotlight and addressing The Judgement Day and JD McDonagh, the rumored new stable member, with a pointed message.

Local hero Sami Zayn initially mesmerized the audience at the start of the program. However, the atmosphere shifted dramatically when Rhea Ripley, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Finn Balor converged around the ring, intensifying the situation. As tensions soared, fans were gripped by anticipation.

A twist unfolded, unveiling an unforeseen ally for the targeted Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champion. This surprising turn occurred just as an impending assault seemed imminent, keeping viewers at the edge of their seats.

The course of events:

  1. Explosive Return: When Kevin Owens stepped back into the forefront and teamed up with other fighters to strategically take down The Judgement Day, the crowd roared.
  2. Bold Challenge: In a stunning move, Owens threw down the gauntlet, challenging any two opponents from the other party to step up for an exhilarating tag team match.
  3. Unexpected Arena Appearance: Despite backstage expectations, Cody Rhodes upended the plan by forgoing the interview setup and choosing instead to make a spectacular entrance into the arena itself.

The Judgement Day

Rhodes playfully dubbed JD McDonagh as a “Funko Pop,” a remark that ignited the crowd. With a wry grin, he humorously accentuated JD’s distinctive features—a towering head perched atop a more compact frame. The enigmatic American Nightmare effectively set the competitive tone by highlighting how The Judgement Day faction had exploited their numerical advantage against the unyielding duo of Sami and KO.

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In a resounding crescendo of words, Cody Rhodes concluded by declaring that as the narrative of Judgement Day hurtles toward its climax, the grand theater of triumph and defeat is poised to unveil itself.

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