Madden 24 set off a buzz even before it was released on August 18, with content producers given early access sharing their insights into the game’s thrilling new features.

The NFL Madden YouTube sensation Ace Madden is the featured creator among these early adopters. With an eye for the best, Ace Madden explores the world of offensive playbooks, revealing his top picks that perfectly mesh with the league’s elite quarterbacks. 



Offensive Coordinator



Nathaniel Hackett



Brian Callahan



Adam Stenavich



Brian Johnson



Bill O’Brien

What brand-new features does Madden 24 offer?

Madden 24 will enthral fans with thrilling updates. By improving the franchise mode experience, which has been dominated by Ultimate Team mode, EA Sports is addressing a long-standing issue. Players can now offer six picks in trades, covering two drafts, as opposed to the previous limit of three. While not aiming for complete realism, these advancements from earlier iterations promise a gameplay that is much more interesting.

The expanded relocation tool now covers 34 cities, including some outside America such as Melbourne, Montreal, Vancouver, Paris, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Previously, each city had three name choices limited to that particular city. Now name choices are no longer tied to a city except for the name Oilers, which will remain exclusive to Houston. Among other things, it has become easier to manipulate players’ salaries and activate the fifth-year option in players’ contracts.

Major changes to gameplay make this the best-feeling Madden in years, says SBNation. The players on the screen play like actual footballers do, it adds, noting: “It’s clearly a definite decision by the developers to make Madden 24 feel more like the NFL.”

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