The latest post from Chelsea Green’s husband, WWE superstar Matt Cardona, sparked a fan frenzy. Chelsea Green is currently the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, and Cardona has earned the moniker “Indy God” on the independent wrestling scene. Their journey from indie wrestling superstardom to WWE glory is fascinating. It’s a story about love, teamwork, and leaving your mark on the wrestling industry.

Cardona recently attracted notice by ripping his shirt off mid-performance in an unexpected display of bravery. His wrestling partner Chelsea Green responded in an unexpected way, adding spice to their relationship. Green and Nick Aldis had a backstage encounter, which left fans wondering what shocks this duo will reveal next. Green was last seen on Friday Night SmackDown.

Matt Cardona mentioned joining AEW or WWE.

Fans may know Matt Cardona better than Zack Ryder, but since leaving WWE in 2020, he has thrived as a household name in the independent wrestling scene. The former Intercontinental Champion was frank about his feelings towards a possible comeback to a significant wrestling promotion during a candid interview with Wrestling Inc.

Cardona underscored the importance of a choice that may completely alter his wrestling career by stating that any transfer to WWE or AEW would require a strong case and extensive persuading.

Cardona shared; “It would take a lot of convincing. Listen, I’m a businessman. I would have a conversation with anybody who calls me, but it would take the two C’s: Cash and Creative. Of course, there are no promises with creativity, but the intention would have to be there. I don’t want to just be a guy on a roster. Been there, done that, it’s great, and I get it if you’re fine with that,” an article from mentioned.

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