Fans were thrilled to see the former WWE and ECW world champion Rob Van Dam on AEW Dynamite for the first time. Showing up unexpectedly, he confronted the ferocious Jack Perry, who had called out the ECW luminaries and asserted that the FTW Championship had been meaningless until he won the title.

Perry called out Jerry Lynn. But Lynn said he wouldn’t be able to wrestle because of his injuries, so he was calling his friend, RVD, to take his place. RVD — Rob Van Dam — emerged, swaggering to his classic “Walk” theme, setting off a buzz of excitement.

The FTW Championship will be at stake when WWE Hall of Famer RVD takes on Jack Perry on Dynamite. There is speculation the high-flying superstar may make further appearances; RVD may decide to sign on with the organisation. Prepare for an explosive confrontation that could have a game-changing impact on wrestling fans.

Rob Van Dam’s AEW presence has prompted a response from former WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer.

When Jack Perry’s taunts precipitated an unanticipated altercation in AEW, sparks flew. The arena was overrun with historical figures, setting up an epic encounter between Rob Van Dam and Perry, the former ECW heavyweight champion. RVD’s unexpected arrival stunned fans and went viral on the internet. Even another ECW legend, Tommy Dreamer, couldn’t help but respond on Twitter. It was a night that completely altered the course of wrestling history.

As the current FTW champion, Jack Perry, prepares to make his first title defence, the legendary RVD presents a tremendous obstacle. With his decades-long career and wealth of experience, he will be no pushover for Perry. The young and tenacious Perry has a fight on his hands. Get ready for an epic clash of generations.

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