Struggling New York Mets hire WWE superstar LA Knight for better luck.

That was clear when the Mets hired WWE superstar LA Knight to host their game against the Chicago Cubs at Citi Field.

It was an unexpected development but welcomed by the fans.

The possibility of LA Knight siding with the Mets as they seek a turnaround has sparked interest among supporters. The atmosphere at Citi Field, the Mets’ home, is expected to change dramatically as the faltering squad attempts to regain momentum by adding a dash of wrestling flair.

On Twitter one fan wrote; “Finally some star power at Citi Field” an article on shared.

The dynamic LA Knight, now 40 years old and standing tall after his 2021 WWE debut, has gained notoriety in just two short years. As he won the title of WWE’s top product seller in July, he shone even more brilliantly. The Mets are currently trying to capitalise on his good fortune, hoping their 2023 season will take a turn for the better.

Can the New York Mets advance in 2023?

The New York Mets, who have a 50-60 record, are now in fourth place in the National League East baseball standings. They trail the division-leading Atlanta Braves by 21 games and are 9.5 wins behind the second-placed Philadelphia Phillies in the fight for the wild card.

It seems only a miracle can take the Mets to the playoffs even if they aren’t yet mathematically out of the running. The fate of the squad depends on the skill of players like Francisco Lindor and Pete Alonso as the 2023 MLB regular season hurtles toward its conclusion. The key query is whether these stars can conjure a late-season burst, catapulting the Mets into the post-season.

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