New York Yankees pitcher Carlos Rodon on a six-year $162 million contract had to leave the field with a leg injury and will be out for 15 days just when his services are badly needed by the club.

Unfortunately, the pitcher struggled against the Houston Astros in a thrilling Sunday (August 6) matchup. Rodon battled obstacles inside the revered confines of the Yankee Stadium, surrendering five runs on three hits, including two home runs, in just 2.2 innings.

A seemingly injured leg that left the 30-year-old pitcher noticeably uneasy added to the mystery. After Rodon had thrown 58 pitches, manager Aaron Boone and a watchful team trainer hurried to evaluate his condition. Could Rodon endure the discomfort and carry on the fight on the mound? That was the unanswered question.

Rodon started his warm-up pitches with a fluid stretch of his left leg and a refreshing sip of water. However, after speaking with the trainer, he left the field, allowing Houston to beat the Yankees 9-7 in the end.

In a post-game interview, Rodon was positive he wouldn’t be on the injured list. “I feel confident that everything is OK. Obviously, we won’t know until that imaging comes. But I’m confident that I’m available, whatever they need me to do,” he was quoted as saying in an article on

Unfortunately, he was wrong. The Yankees put him on the injured list for 15 days.

Carlos Rodon’s injury has prompted questions about his future as this is only the first year of his six-year $162 million contract. The team’s prospects depend on Rodon’s rehabilitation because they have a challenging run of games coming up and are short on pitchers, with Domingo German out due to alcohol use. It will be a test of the depth and tenacity of the Yankees to overcome these looming obstacles.

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The 2023 MLB season statistics for Carlos Rodon

Carlos Rodon’s pitching dexterity has run into problems in the 2023 MLB season. His 7.33 ERA paints an interesting picture with 25 strikeouts and 18 walks across 27 innings. The spirit of a true sportsman, though, may be seen in these stats when an athlete’s tenacity is tested by the rigours of the season.

The New York Yankees are now fourth in the American League East with a 58-54 record, 12 games behind the first-placed Baltimore Orioles with 50 games left in the regular season. Their route to the postseason depends on a thunderous late-season rally.

Every pitch and swing now counts if the Yankees are to make it to the playoffs, so they have to bring on everything they have got. Only a notable comeback will take them to the postseason.

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