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Porsche European Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown, Everything you need to know

Golf is a sport that involves the player completing a circuit over a huge field by aiming the ball into the hole in minimum strokes. This sport has turned out to be a professional sport now, which allows different players to participate in the events which are conducted in different countries. Founded in the year 1978, European Open is one such golfing tournament in which every golfer looks forward to participating.

The European Open is having its upcoming event in the month of June, Porsche European Open 2022 which is considered to be the most prestigious event of the European Tour. Initially, the tournament was held in England, including Sunningdale and Walton Heath. However, since 2015 the matches are being conducted in Germany. So have a look at the interesting facts about the upcoming series, Porsche European Open 2022 Prize Money Breakdown, Everything you need to know.

Porsche European Open 2022 Everything your need to know

The tournament is going to feature a total of 72 participants which include amateurs and professional, world-class golfers. The field where the match is going to be held is Green Eagle Golf Course, in Germany. The area of the field is 7,544 yards which are calculated to be approximately around 6,898 m. The format of the game played in the usual Stroke play.

The course, Green Eagle Nord Course is known to be one of the ten longest in the world. It counts for numerous holes, 17 have water obstacles and fulfill the demand of the players. This field is an ideal course to hold an international professional tournament like the European Open, or the Porsche European Open.

What is the Prize money for the Porsche European Open?

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Apart from winning the title and the trophy, the winner of the Porsche European Open 2022 will b entitled to a sum from the total prize purse which is rounded up to total prize money of 1,75 Mio Euro. There isn’t any news yet regarding the winner’s share and the share that the participants will be entitled to be given. Stay tuned for more information, we shall update you once we have the proper and right information.

The tournament is going to begin on the 2nd of June 2022 on Thursday and we will have the winner of the tournament on the 5th of June 2022 on Sunday. This is going to be the seventh edition of this tournament. the officials expect the crowd to get a live experience of this prestigious tournament, as they provide information regarding the tickets being sold online. The fans can book tickets from the official site which will direct them to another site where the sale of tickets will occur.

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