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With Madden NFL 24, you can engage in the most realistic gaming experience yet! Put yourself in the quarterback’s shoes and experience the gridiron’s heart-pounding action like never before. You won’t feel the adrenaline of making smart plays anymore; gone are the days of passive couch gaming. The quarterback slip, an outstanding element that personifies this genuineness, is a skill you must develop.

Aaron Rodgers Packers
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A quick push of the X button on an Xbox or the Square button on a PlayStation console will send your ball-wielding figure into a smooth slide. Remember to use the Slide technique when the path forward is blocked but every yard counts. And if necessary, press the same button for a risky plunge. Prepare to dominate the field with natural movements that mimic reality, only in Madden NFL 24!

Three quarterbacks in Madden 24 with the highest awareness

Take a deep dive into the unparalleled realism of Madden NFL 24! Put yourself in the quarterback’s shoes to experience the gridiron’s adrenaline like never before. With a quick push of the X button on an Xbox or the Square button on a PlayStation, you may perfect the quarterback slide, allowing you to deftly avoid obstacles and pick up valuable yards.

Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs98
Joe BurrowCincinnati Bengals97
Lamar JacksonBaltimore Ravens92

When will Madden 24 allow me to slide?

Your quarterback’s talent is evident in Madden 24’s enthralling arena. They move ahead under the guidance of your skilled fingers on the left stick, a brilliant play in motion. Your instruction triggers the slide, a graceful action that guarantees the safety of those hard-won yards.

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But keep in mind that the slide gives way to the symphony of passes in playbooks that are pass-centric. In this quarterback’s ballet, where every playbook page contains a tactical tip and every slide improves your performance, pick your moments wisely.

Why is my quarterback in Madden 24 unable to slide?

It’s not your gaming prowess at fault in Madden NFL 24 when your quarterback just can’t manage to pull off a slide; rather, their fundamental characteristics are at work. In order to execute that seamless slide, the quarterback’s awareness rating, which must register at least 75, is the deciding element. So, if your top quarterback is having trouble sliding, it’s more about them than it is about you.

The quarterback chooses a dramatic dive over the customary slide in a daring break from tradition. This risky move ups the thrill but leaves you more open to mistakes and contact. Therefore, let’s put efficiency ahead of style and take the slide whenever it is possible because securing victory is what matters most.

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