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Georges St-Pierre, celebrated as one of the greatest mixed martial artists ever, had an unexpected twist in his career. The former two-division UFC champion, known as “Rush” for his martial arts mastery, is now diving into the dance world, specifically Michael Jackson’s iconic moves. This transition highlights GSP’s exceptional adaptability as he passionately blends the realms of martial arts and dance.

In a recent video on X, Georges St-Pierre showcased his impressive dancing skills by emulating Michael Jackson’s renowned “Smooth Criminal” routines. From fluid waves to Jackson’s signature robotic pops and even the iconic moonwalk, GSP put on a spectacular performance paying tribute to the King of Pop.

Georges St-Pierre affirms that injuries forced the cancellation of the Nick Diaz grappling contest

At the UFC Fight Pass Invitational in December, the legendary Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz were expected to renew their rivalry in an intense grappling-only bout that was much anticipated. But when “Rush” himself disclosed that this historic rematch had been unexpectedly canceled owing to a sad turn of events, fight fans were left stunned. Due to injuries, both fighters were forced to withdraw, adding to the tension and making the fans of the octagon wish for a fight that would now have to wait.

Fans and fighters alike were disappointed when Georges St-Pierre announced in a recent interview with TSN that his highly anticipated grappling showdown against Nick Diaz had to be canceled due to an injury.

“They had an opponent; his name was Nick Diaz. People who are familiar with this sport know we competed against each other in mixed martial arts. Unfortunately, he’s hurt. I think he has a neck injury, and I just got hurt myself. I’ve got a shoulder injury… I have to wait a few weeks to see if I’ll require surgery. Unfortunately, it will be canceled, perhaps postponed for the future,” an article from shared.

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