Oladipo hasn’t seen action on the court since April when he suffered a season-ending patellar tendon injury during the Heat’s first-round playoff series against the Milwaukee Bucks. And while his absence has provided him with plenty of time to recover, it has also provided him with ample opportunity to reflect on a variety of topics, including the burgeoning relationship between NFL star Travis Kelce and the most popular musician in this generation: 12-time Grammy Award winner Taylor Swift.

On Instagram, Oladipo posted a mini-essay in which he discussed their relationship and Taylor Swift’s role in making Kelce better. Oladipo surmised in the message that people should invest in someone who’s going to make them excel in their career, exhibit A: Swift improving Kelce’s play on the field.

Oladipo in his post

His post reads, “Invest in someone that’s going to make you greater. Not just in your craft but in every way. We look at it like, it’s Taylor Swift. Yes you’re right for looking at it that way but what about the things we don’t see? It’s not just her coming to the games contributing to his success. It’s a whole different mentality now. She is making him better and challenging him in more than one way we just see it in his play.”

“Invest in someone that going to make you greater in the areas of your life you want to be great in. Life is too short to settle. Have a queen that can rule with you not just beside you. #justadifferentperspective”

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The post came shortly after ESPN did a comparison of how Kelce performed in games where Swift was cheering him on and games where she wasn’t present.


Fans’ reactions to Olidpo’s post

NBA Central promptly shared his thoughts on X, which received mixed reactions from the fans. While some fans agreed with him that Swift had improved Kelce as a whole, others were perplexed considering it was only a week ago that the Rockets guard had tweeted about being single.

One fan wrote, “I can’t lie tho look how she supports him lol that girl is yelling at every single game.”

While another chimed in, saying, “He’s right & he’s wrong. Travis was already hall of fame great without Taylor but maybe she’s making him happier. Maybe she is helping him become more dedicated to the game? Who knows but it’s true that having a ride or die supportive partner you can grow with is important!!”

However, some fans contradicted his opinion and said that Kelce is great even without Swift by his side, “Taylor Swift is a legend, but Travis Kelce is a monster on his own. Respect to both of them.”

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