World Cup

Real Madrid and Manchester City, two of the biggest teams in the world, will compete in the Club World Cup under the new format that FIFA introduced on December 17.

The competition, which has a July 13 deadline in the US, will feature 32 teams split into 8 groups, with two teams advancing from each group to the knockout round of 16. This enlarged format guarantees a thrilling exhibition of elite football on a massive scale.

Fifa president Gianni Infantino shared; “Clubs play a fundamental role in world football, and the Fifa Club World Cup 2025 will be a major milestone in providing clubs from all confederations with a fitting stage on which to shine at the highest level of the game,” an article from straitstime shared.

The Club World Cup

The European Union (UEFA) will feature a strong twelve teams in the vast stage of international football, while the South American Confederation CONMEBOL will feature six teams that represent their homelands with passion.

To demonstrate their competitiveness, CAF (Africa), AFC (Asia), and CONCACAF (North America) will each take up four prestigious positions, while OFC (Oceania) will ferociously support their lone representative.

Standing tall with the coveted trophy given to the ultimate winners of the 2024 season are the illustrious quartet of Chelsea, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Chelsea, who have all won the Champions League since 2021.

This traditional allotment strengthens these winners’ acclaimed route into the esteemed World Cup, adding to the story and appeal of football’s most sought-after event.

Thanks to their high UEFA rankings, five more clubs from the continent—Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, Porto, and Benfica—have guaranteed themselves a position in the forthcoming 2025 competition.

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The Copa Libertadores winners Fluminense will play Al Ahly of Egypt on Monday in the latest edition of FIFA’s greatest club event, while the Champions League winners Manchester City will play Urawa Reds in the semi-finals the following day.

This exciting roster promises exciting matches and a demonstration of extraordinary skill as these dominant teams fight for dominance. It displays the global prowess and diversified talent converging on the grand stage of international football.

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