NBA prodigy Anthony Edwards had exciting news when his girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, excitedly revealed her pregnancy on Instagram. This caused fans and the partners of other NBA stars to express their congratulations. In her first social media post, Robel—who was previously well-known for talking about disclosing more information about her son Krue from a prior relationship with musician Chief Keef—unveiled her pregnancy with Edwards’ child. The basketball community and fans alike responded to this touching revelation with congratulations.

Along with a photo showing her advanced pregnancy and an ultrasound picture revealing the baby’s small foot, Robel shared a touching experience. Her caption, which perfectly captured the excitement and anticipation of approaching birth, gave the images a cozy touch.

  • Although Robel, 29, has been a frequent visitor to Minnesota Timberwolves games, her on-court visits may decrease due to the approaching birth of her child.
  • Because Robel is expecting a baby, expect to see her less often at Timberwolves games, suggesting that her attendance may change.
  • To ensure ongoing engagement and connection with her followers, fans may anticipate more regular updates on Robel’s baby on her social media platforms.
  • With the sharing of exciting updates about her journey into fatherhood, Robel’s online presence is expected to increase since her attention may move away from going to games.

The relationship Anthony Edwards had with Jeanine Robel has been made public.

Anthony Edwards lavishes Jeanine Robel with unrelenting praise, showing off his admiration for her with pride. After signing a lucrative max contract with the Timberwolves this summer, Edwards has remained resolute and grateful in his approach to his relationship with Robel.

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Robel’s constant social media posts expressing her affection for her partner serve to reinforce the depth of their connection. Her guard partner, who hasn’t replied to her most recent post, will undoubtedly be ecstatic, especially because he’s about to become a parent. On the court, Edwards consistently demonstrates his value, justifying his large deal by making a big contribution to the T-Wolves’ remarkable run at the top of the very competitive Western Conference. His remarkable average of 23.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 5.2 assists throughout 20 games this season highlights his crucial contribution to the team’s victory.

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