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An English newspaper reported the potential takeover of Liverpool FC by Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani. Fenway Sports Group (FSG) who purchased Liverpool all the way back in October 2020 has been rumoured to sell their prized Merseyside club. 

Their club is apparently worth £4 billion. Furthermore, they have appointed Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to assist them in selling the team. 

Whispers of Mukesh Ambani showing interest in the club are growing. The Indian billionaire is worth £90 billion. He is ranked the eighth richest person in the world by Forbes. He is currently the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries. 

Unfortunately for him, he will definitely have to compete with other parties from the Middle East and the United States. FSG has been tempted with quite a number of suitable offers for them to offload their club. 

After purchasing the Mumbai Indians Ambani was labelled as “The world’s richest sports team owner.” It is further stated that football is a growing interest in India, however, cricket is still the dominant sport of the region. 

The statement done by the owners of Liverpool, FSG stated“There have been a number of recent changes of ownership and rumours of changes in ownership at EPL clubs and inevitably, we are asked regularly about Fenway Sports Group’s ownership in Liverpool.

“FSG has frequently received expressions of interest from third parties seeking to become shareholders in Liverpool. FSG has said before that under the right terms and conditions, we would consider new shareholders if it was in the best interests of Liverpool as a club.” 

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Fans viewpoint on Ambani’s possible takeover of Liverpool 


The news was brought over to Twitter and Ambani potentially buying the club over received mixed reviews among fans. Some were stating that FSG would want more than £4 billion and claimed that it is “spare change” to them. The post garnered over 4,000 likes.


Others claimed that Liverpool does not want “that type” of owner. It was meant as a racial remark as sometimes for these larger teams there can be problems occurring when someone of a different race intends to buy them. 

Racism among football fans is not a new thing as Son Heung-Min, a player for Tottenham has received numerous remarks about his Asian heritage on Twitter. Others claimed that Ambani is a “sport washer.” 

Sport washing means that either a government entity or an individual intends on buying a team that is currently going through turmoil and makes unintentional bad decisions for them. However, there are Ambadi supporters that stated his good work in India, bringing affordable internet to the country. 

Other fans are hopeful that the billionaire will purchase Liverpool as they hope he would give more resources to the team in order for them to win championships. Unfortunately there are still a lot of negative perceptions towards a billionaire buying a football club. 

Jurgen Klopp
Image of Jurgen Klopp, from Wikipedia.

There are fans stating that now Premier League clubs will be ranked based on their wealth instead of their actual abilities. This is due to the fact that clubs with more resources such as Manchester City which was dubbed by Jurgen Klopp as having “Arab money” has done well for themselves. 

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