Jurgen Klopp

Currently ranked at number seven, Jurgen Klopp is stressing and fighting for Liverpool to be at least in the top 5 of the Premier League ranking. Currently, the top five consists of Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester United. 

Imagine this, the 19th team on the list, Nottingham Forest, managed to beat Liverpool in a recent match. It wasn’t a big defeat, it was just a simple 1-0 goal, but still humiliating due to them being a much smaller team than Liverpool. 

It was not expected for this to happen. Forest began this season with the worst record in the Premier League, and Liverpool in a stark contrast won three straight games. They even beat Manchester City in a 1-0 score, the team that has the “robotic” Erling Haaland. 

Liverpool’s winning streak was over when referee Paul Tierney blew the final whistle to signal Forest’s unexpected 1-0 victory, and the Reds were yet to pick up a league road victory this year.

“It feels as low as possible,” stated Jurgen Klopp. “Massive, massive blow because I have no idea how we can lose this game to be honest.”

“It’s a good day’s work,” he said. “That’s it. We need to crack on.” 

Liverpool had issues making chances for them to score, and they lost a few recent games. They are 11 points behind Arsenal even though they played a game extra compared to the Gunners. 

Klopp then stated, “We arrived with consistency but we had six games with a limited squad playing three high intense games inside a week.” 

“That’s how it is, we cannot change that and we have to fight through. Result-wise we should have shown consistency. We could have had it by finishing situations off.

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“Giving a team six clear chances after a set piece I’m not sure where I should put the praise to be honest. Nottingham Forest are a great team and Steve Cooper is a great manager but we have to win here and we didn’t, so credit to Nottingham.”

Netizen’s input on Jurgen Klopp’s defeat against Forest 

Now with Liverpool’s embarrassing loss, social media has run its course in jabbing Klopp in the most ridiculous fashion you can think of. One user started convincing everyone that Klopp is the “greatest” climate activist. Why? He destroys City yet protects Forest. 

Someone claimed that Klopp is a “Robinhood” in another world. Another person stated that he knows that it would be lonely to walk in the forest alone, even with his team following him. Many gave fake applause to Klopp for making the world a “greener” place.  


Another netizen raised the question on how can Forest even beat Liverpool, considering that Liverpool is a club with definitely a lot more income than the latter. A netizen then posted a photo of what appears to be Klopp in a KFC-like advertisement with the visual copy of “LFC, It’s Not Looking Good.” 

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