Prepare yourself to see an exciting change in the Olympic venue this summer as the Paris Games take a daring turn. The track will be decorated in vivid purple instead of the traditional red brick clay.

Parts of the vulcanized rubber track, painstakingly made in a northern Italian factory, are installed in the historic Stade de France, the nation’s stadium, breaking with tradition. A dynamic evolution in the quest for athletic excellence on the global stage will be marked by athletes leaving their stamp on history with every stride they take against this unique backdrop.

An unexpected sight as the construction site comes to life is the workers engaged in what can only be called “track rolling.” Wearing their protective hats, they get down on their hands and knees and carefully unfold each track strip. With a hammer stroke that sounds like artisans at work, they firmly anchor each strip in place.

New track tech

Using this special method, more than 1,000 rolls are painstakingly positioned, requiring a month’s worth of work and an astounding 2,800 pots of adhesive. It’s evidence of the painstaking workmanship and collaborative effort propelling the project ahead, transforming the ordinary into an impressive demonstration of ability and commitment.

Three world records and twelve Olympic marks were broken on Tokyo’s red-brick track three years ago. Paris will be even better, according to Mondo, a track supplier since Montreal in 1976.

Cutting energy loss and improving performance, new-generation granules increase elasticity while sophisticated algorithms improve the geometry of the air cell. With more records expected at the Stade de France, Alain Blondel, the director of the Paris Games and Paralympics, is optimistic. Prepare for an action-packed record break.

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We know we performed well when we see athletes setting personal records on the scoreboard. They are going to reach their peak physical and mental state, Boldnel quoted abcnews.

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