Canadian para-swimmers showcased their incredible talent at the World Series event in Indianapolis, setting two world records in a breathtaking display.

Shelby Newkirk of Saskatoon emerged as a standout, smashing the women’s S6 100-meter backstroke record with a stunning time of 37.40 seconds in the preliminaries, securing multi-class gold.

Adding to her accolades, Newkirk also claimed bronze in the 50-meter freestyle, highlighting Canada’s prowess on the global stage.

“Going after that record was undoubtedly one of the meet’s objectives.” Newkirk, 27 said to

In the pool, Surrey, British Columbia’s Sebastian Massabie created waves when he broke the men’s S4 50 butterfly record in a lightning-fast time of 39.51 seconds. At just eighteen years old, Massabie’s extraordinary talent and determination were put on display when he pulled off this amazing achievement during a preliminary race.

A major turning point in his developing career was reached when he won the silver in the multi-class final in his first international competition since becoming classed in December of last year.

The parasailing duo

Filled with pride, Massabie considered his most recent accomplishment and said it was a crucial step on his path to the Paralympics. Alongside the formidable Newkirk, Martin, and Soliman, Massabie blazed his way to triumph in the thrilling 4×50 free 20-point relay, smashing records with a captivating timing of 3 minutes and 0.44 seconds.

Their coordinated skill set not only resulted in a world record but also established a new benchmark for swimming in Canada.

Hannah Ouellette of Saskatoon won the silver medal in the women’s S5 50 backstroke competition with a stunning skill set. Team captain and chief classification advocate for the contingent in Indianapolis, Janet Dunn, was excited about the World Para Swimming Series and called it one of the best post-COVID events.

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With two hundred swimmers from seventeen different countries taking part, the bar was set for extraordinary accomplishments. Notably, multiple personal bests were set, shattering multiple Canadian records in addition to two world records.

A number of minimum qualifying levels were also met at the event, demonstrating the extraordinary talent and commitment on display.

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