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Top 5 Best PlayStation 4 Fighting Games

Best PlayStation 4 Fighting Games

Console gaming is popular among masses. From small kids to teenage boys and girls and upto adults everyone enjoys PlayStation gaming. It has become one of the most popular video gaming platform to enjoy and experience the crazy action packed and futuristic gaming world. PlayStation is a gaming console which every kid wants as a present gift for their Birthdays !

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation 4 was launched between the years 2013 and 2014 in various parts of the world. With upto 8 GB Ram to multitask and a massive storage capacity ranging from 500 GB upto 2 TB with HDD/SSD options it is definitely a super efficient device to enjoy endless gaming without any interference !

Top 5 Best PlayStation 4 Fighting Games

5. Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Are you a fan of animes and do tons of binge watching. It’s time to get excited as you can experience the world of Dragon Ball and enjoy it endlessly. This game has great action packed fighting with roleplays, side missions, story line. It’s a great game to begin with. So select your favourite Dragon Ball character and go on a Rampage.

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4. WWE 2K22

One of the most popular Gaming series of all time with new updates and features every year WWE 2k22 is the perfect game for all brawlers who love fighting and wrestling. You get to choose your favourite WWE superstar and begin your journey to the top with awesome action packed wrestling matches. So don’t waste time and grab your PS4 and enjoy the game

3. UFC 4

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The most realistic fighting style that exists in this world and practiced by professionals through years of dedicated grind, you get to experience the same intensity in this game. Who doesn’t like Mixed Martial Arts but not everyone gets a chance to try their hands on. But now you can actually enter the world of MMA through this awesome game.

2. Tekken 7

Released in 2015 this is an absolute block buster for all the brawlers out there. This game offers you an amazing one versus one fighting experience and a variety of moves. Make sure to use your own unique combo to knock out your opponent and grab the win. If you want a crazy one versus one fighting game than Tekken 7 a new addition to the Tekken series of games is definitely worth checking out.

1. Mortal Kombat 11

The lastest addition to the Legendary Mortal Kombat gaming series first released in 1992 this game has everything that a gamer expects from a fighting game. With crazy action and adventure it’s definitely the first choice of every PlayStation 4 gamer out there. So if you have PlayStation 4 use it to the fullest and experience the best game with great experience.

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