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Top 5 Best Action-Adventure Games Of All Time

Top 5 Best Action-Adventure Games

In the 21st century Gaming has become a totally different thing than what it earlier was. Gaming is seen as a career path by many aspirants who desire to do something valuable in Gaming industry. There are various genres of games available today but the most exciting ones are the action adventure games where players get to set on an adventure with great deal of action.

Action-Adventure games are widely popular as a player gets the opportunity to set on an unknown adventure in the Gaming World and also simultaneously enjoy the awesome action plays which makes the overall gaming experience wonderful. So here are the top 5 best action adventure games of all time which you can definitely try your hands on !

What are the Top 5 Best Action-Adventure Games Of All Time ?

5. God of War

God of War is a game with great deal of action and adventure in it. Released in 2018 this action packed game immediately became one of the tops of all time. Based on ancient mythologies and Gods this game will be the best choice for whoever who has an avid interest in mythical creatures and Gods. It’s a series of multiple games which keeps the player involved and entertained for a long time.

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4. Red Dead Redemption

For all those who love games with a Gangster Role Play, this game by Rockstar Games is definitely made for you. Released in 2010 it’s one of the most popular games of all time which similar to the previous game has multiple series of gameplay. If you love gangsters and want to be one but not in real life, this game will definitely fulfill your interest.

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3. Far Cry

Loves adventure but want more action in it more like first person shooter games where you can enjoy fast paced intense gameplay? Worry not have a game for you. Far Cry should be the among the top of your gaming list if you want an adventure game with first person shooting in it. With a story line you will definitely have a great experience.

2. Batman: Arkham Series

Who doesn’t like super heroes, specially Batman. A character which changed the definition of super heroes. This game must be the first choice of all those gamers who love Batman. Published in 2011 by Rock steady studios it’s again a multiple series of Games which feature Batman and his amazing adventures with action packed gameplay.

1. Grand theft Auto Five:

Is there any gamer who hasn’t played Grand Theft Auto Vice City widely popular as GTA. Well Grand theft auto 5 is the latest addition to this series of games. The best ever game with great and almost a never ending adventure with tons of missions and action game plays never seen before. It’s the next best thing that exists to what we can say to be alive in a Gaming World.

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