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Just after a story on Ronaldo and his sisters defending him against Ten Hag for making bad decisions of the world renown player, new drama has happened between the two. It has been a long sad story that many fans have observed as it is quite obvious that Ten Hag does not favour Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo stormed down the tunnel before the final whistle for Manchester United’s victory over Tottenham on 19th October. Erik Ten Hag, United’s questionable manager, claimed that he would “deal” with the all beloved star.

United has defeated the title contenders at their home base, and it’s thanks to Bruno Fernandes and Fred. Ironically, the duo was recently criticised massively among United fans. Popular opinions over this duo are not favourable regardless of their recent win. 

Ronaldo has been benched for most of the games, which includes this last game against Tottenham. He has only scored two goals for the Premier League all year. It appears that Ten Hag either has a vendetta against him or that he does not know how to utilise a well prized asset in his team.

Marcus Rashford took his position in the front, and United went on to produce their strongest effort under Ten Hag. Regardless of their victory, Ronaldo for obvious reasons stated above, was not happy and left the field in the 88th minute. 

Video footage showing Ronaldo walking down the sidelines while keeping track of what’s happening behind him, he removed his bib and long-sleeved training top. 


It appears in the footage that Ronaldo left the field quietly with dignity and grace, regardless of feeling anger and disappointment. Ten Hag was squandering and did not know how to respond to the situation other than informing the press that he will personally speak to Ronaldo on his own.

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“He was there, I saw him but I didn’t speak. I will deal with that tomorrow, not today. We’re celebrating this victory and now we have to recover and play another big game on Saturday, Chelsea. The Premier League, so exciting,” Ten Hag told the press. 

“I think you see today we developed and you can see in the last weeks we are growing in the season and becoming more proactive in and out of possession. First you get organisation in and out of possession, then you dictate the intensity and that is what we did today.

“To be fair, I did not expect it before because Spurs have been solid this season, it was a magnificent performance and I hope we set a new base for the season. There were so many things that were good, but in possession, the switch of play and how we dictated the play and created chances.”

Netizen’s reaction towards the Ten Hag and Ronaldo drama 



Netizens have a wide variety of opinions when it comes to this whole ordeal. One stating that Ronaldo is bigger and better than Manchester United. This angered hardcore Manchester United fans as they claimed that no player is bigger than a club. 

Ronaldo fans criticised Manchester United fans as he turned down the offer to play for Man City only to be underutilised and gawked at by fans. “Respect and loyalty doesn’t mean anything in today’s world.” This statement is nothing but the truth, even for the world outside of football. 

“This is where pure loyalty gets you, Ronaldo does not deserve this.” Some are criticising Ronaldo for his age and competition with Lionel Messi. They claim that at age 37 he should back down and play less intensive games, however, at that age he is still winning awards regardless of him being clamped down. 

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Some United fans are not happy that Ronaldo got the most attention for leaving early when the team played well. In fact that statement alone proves that sometimes, especially in the media, a player can be bigger than a team. 

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