Apparently a photo of Ronaldo and Antony taken in a specific pose has gone viral all over social media.

In a football fan page they mentioned that the pose is called the goat challenge and even newscasters are doing it. 

Ronaldo’s goals scored

Many were praising him for being ahead of trends. Some are even saying that everything Ronaldo does is beautiful. The pose was done to commemorate his 700th league goal, which to date is one of the most goals scored by a single player.

The ranking for the most scores is complicated as there are claims of other players back in the olden days scoring more than Ronaldo. However, according to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo is the title holder for the most scored goals. 

Previously, the title holder was Pele, who held that said title for 50 years with 762 goals under his belt.  Another statistical analysis mentioned that Erwin Helmchen who was a German player, active in 1924-1951 scored the most goals in history at a whopping 987+ goals.


Currently, the handsome Portuguese is being called a GOAT, which translates to the Greatest Of All Time and is a high level of compliment to football players. It went to a point where an upcoming singer called Enisa was seen wearing a football jersey with his surname sewn in the back. She even captioned the tweet with “Ronaldo, the goat.” 

The singer later then claimed that it was her brother’s jersey and that he wanted to make her a Manchester United fan. She then claims that its slowly working on her. Netizens responded with positive remarks regarding Cristiano Ronaldo. 

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However, there were some comments disagreeing with the singer’s statement as they claimed that Lionel Messi is the actual GOAT. It may be overwhelming for someone who just started as a football fan to receive a large number of comments debating who is the actual best player. 

Ronaldo’s sister slamming Ten Hag 

After the whole ordeal of removing him while in game in a recent match against Newcastle, his sister took to Instagram to vent out her frustrations and to defend her brother. She reposted a photo from a Portuguese account that speculated Ten Hag will not last as United’s manager till January and she responded with “it’s too late.” 

There was a post on Twitter of Ronaldo and his two sisters, however fans were not too nice to them. Netizens were asking which sister slandered Messi, and others claimed that both equally had their fair share of toxic drama on the internet. 

Some were mean towards his sisters by criticising their looks, which is totally uncalled for. Netizens claimed that his sisters are his bodyguards as they always defend him. However, isn’t it a good thing for having your family defending you especially when it’s necessary? 

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