Manchester United fans not happy with Fred


The draw between the two opposing teams has been an eye opener for many. Manchester United fans are not entirely happy with the situation and have a lot to say. 

United fans remarks with their 0-0 against Newcastle 

There are those who are staunch defenders of the Dutchman Erik ten Hag and they claim that he is building the team up. “It’s a draw, not a defeat so I don’t get why you are all complaining,” said a netizen. 

“Fernandes, Sancho must be benched and Ronaldo must be sold,” stated another netizen venting out their frustration with the club. Others claimed that United players lack creativity on the field and one even stated that Bruno cant even pass a ball on time. 

Criticisms towards Manchester United’s Fred

Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos, or better known as Fred has been massively whacked on Manchester United fan pages for his performances. The 29-year-old midfielder who plays for United and will also represent Brazil in the upcoming world cup apparently was not up to the team’s standard. 

Fans on Facebook were quick to dismiss him and hoped that Ten Hag will not place him again in the next game. Some even went as far as claiming that McTominay was better than him. The criticisms towards him are valid as he has been in the team since 2018, which has been four years. 

For a player that has been in a team for that long, it’s a given that he should know the ins and outs of the game. There were subtle criticisms towards Antony, but it’s mainly due to his poor command of the right foot and some were disappointed that Ronaldo was taken off halfway. 

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“Fred and Rashford, no words.” That is the level of disappointment seen towards Fred specifically. Other comments mentioning other players’ weak points still had plenty of room for Fred. 


However, on Twitter there were some fans defending Fred claiming that if they want to rule him out, they should also take a look at Bruno and Sancho. Some are saying that he did not play as bad as the other commenters are stating. Unfortunately for Fred, the comments defending him are drowned out by the hate comments. 

Fans defending Ronaldo 

Many have also come to the defence of Ronaldo. These comments were as much as the criticisms towards Fred. It has been obvious for the past few months where he has not been playing on the field as much as he should. 

Fans took to Twitter to claim that the whole committee against Ronaldo is no longer funny as he has been unjustly treated. The fan claimed that he was clear of a penalty but was still denied a clear goal. 

“The inconsistency of Premier League referees is becoming concerning,” stated a netizen. Many are accusing the referee of having been “paid” or “bribed.” Others are claiming that the hatred towards Ronaldo is real. 

According to another post, showing his sad reaction to being snubbed. Fred’s poor performance will haunt him for a period of time as fans are saying that Ronaldo has unjustly been benched yet Fred isn’t. 

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Some are even accusing Erik ten Hag of wanting to end Ronaldo’s career. It seems to be somewhat of a boiling point for Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo. It is odd for Ten Hag not wanting to let him go but at the same time not giving him the chances he deserves. 

Furthermore, with the controversies on going with another Manchester United player, it is unclear how Ten Hag will be handling the team.

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