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Who is best baseball player?

Baseball is a team game played with bat and ball. Each team consists of 9 players who in turns take batting and fielding. Baseball is a very popular sport around the globe and is played by Thousands of Players. The game is played by all the genders but different competitions are held.

Mike Trout is an American Professional baseball player born on August 7, 1991 in New Jersey, United States. He plays as a centre fielder for Los Angeles Angel in myajor League Baseball. He made his debut on July 8, 2011 for Los Angeles Angels.

He is one of the greatest players of Basketball Ball. He has achieved various individual awards in his career. He was three times Most Valuable Player and has won Silver Slugger Award eight times.

Trout is Nine times MLB All Star and is very fit and athletic. He even was the national League Rookie of the year award winner in 2012 and has won many more awards. He is the greatest young players in MLB and one of the most famous players of current generation.

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Babe Ruth is the greatest player of all time to play the game of Baseball. He was born on February 6, 1895 in Maryland. Ruth made his debut on July 11, 1914 playing for Boston Red Sox. He is regarded as one of the greatest figures in American Sports Culture.

He was 2 time All Star in 1933 and 1934, 7 Times World Series Champion and American League MVP in 1923 and American League batting champion in 1924. He is one of the greatest player and was inducted in Hall of Fame in 1936 . Babe Ruth died on August 16, 1948 in the age of 53 due to Cancer.

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