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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Who has the most All-Star votes right now?

National Basketball Association All Star is an professional basketball tournament which is conducted on a anual basis every year at the start of the February month of each year. It’s just like a event or fest before the real deal comes in. For now LeBron James is been leading the all Star batch of fan voting with the highest votes of the fan for him. James a professional basketball player from America will be the first one in the list of all Star game.

Here the game is between two teams where the first team is selected by fans and the second team is been selected by the coach out of the residual player which is not been selected in all Star team. It’s just an exhibition match for the tournament where each favourite player from the other teams are been selected by the fans and cast a vote to their favourite one currently LeBron James had been leading the position with most public votes on his name.

Top Votes

So the list is been out and this are the remaining player which are too listed after LeBron James in all Star voting ranks. Stay updated on the page to get live updates on NBA all Star match time schedule and also stay tuned to get updates on NBA weekend games schedules. Take a look at top voting list after LeBron James.

The Golden State Stephen Curry
  Kevin Durant
The Chicago Bulls DeMar DeRozan

So the top players after LeBron are this 4 individual NBA professional basketball player Stephen curr, Kevin Durant, DeMae DeRozan and James for the all Star games the team selection by the head coach is yet to be announced stay updated on the page to get live updates on the teams selection by Head coach and fan voting.

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