2022 NBA All-Star Game: How to vote for All-Star starters?


National Basketball Association is one of the richest sports in the world. It comprises 30 teams that are based entirely on the states of North America. One of the team is from Canada. NBA is a professional basketball game that is played indoors on a court. Every year NBA alone generates billions of dollars, which is one of the reasons why the players also earn a hefty sum as a part of their salary.

Cleveland is given the responsibility to host NBA All-Star 2022, which will celebrate the league’s 75th Anniversary Season. Voting begins on Christmas Day, Dec. 25, at 11 a.m. ET and concludes on Jan. 22 at midnight ET. So take a look at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game: How to vote for All-Star starters.

How to Vote for 2022 NBA All-Star Game Starters?

In case you want a proper guideline on how you are supposed to vote online here are the entire steps and details that might help you do so.

  • Step 1 : You will have to login into your NBA account from your mobile or your laptop. If you’re a mobile user in the bottom right corner click on the More. Or else, For Laptop users, after logging in NBA App we have to select the All-Star category from the available popups.
  • Step 2: Once you click on this, All-Star window will open. Here you will find a series of various collection of all Details and info’s , also historic moments from previous editions of the All-Star games and you can view it all.
  • Step 3: Meanwhile, there is an All-Star News tab that gives all news and current happening about the All-Star Games. Although, for voting you will have to go to the Vote Now tab. Afterwards from this point, the East vs West selection window will open which will look something like this.
  • Step 4: Here you can select two positions at the Guard position. To do the selection for the Front Court>Click on the GUARD button. After you’re done selecting you’re forwards in the East then we have to switch to the Western Conference >Click on the East button and change it to West.
  • Step 5: Later on from here we can make changes or confirm our final selection. All we have to do is enter our name, Email ID and clear a robot verification check. Once you fill in all the details your vote has been submitted. All-Star votes are done on a regular basis and you can vote for your favorite stars once every day.
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Voting On Twitter

Twitter is one of the mediums to have conversations on a larger scale of audience and react to it. You can Tweet, retweet, or reply with a hashtag of an NBA player’s first and last name or their official Twitter handle. You can also mention them along with the hashtag #NBAAllStar. The catch here is that each tweet can include only one player’s name or handle. The time period to vote is between December 25th to January 2022. Fans may vote for up to 10 unique players per day.

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