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Candace Parker has announced her retirement with grace, after an incredible 16-year career that included three WNBA titles and two gold medals from the Olympics. As promised, Parker—who was well-known for her courtside strategy—knew when to back off.

She said goodbye to the game that she had graced with her presence in a heartfelt social media statement on Sunday, making a lasting impression on basketball history.

The 38-year-old Parker announced her intention to retire, highlighting her dedication to honesty in the game and herself, after stating her wish to go on if she could get over a persistent foot problem that kept her out of action the previous season.

The basketball legend, whose illustrious career included ten surgeries, announced her retirement shortly before the Aces started their quest for a third straight championship, establishing a legacy of tenacity and devotion that extended beyond the floor.

“I pledged to never cheat the game and to leave it in a better state than when I entered. I’ve always wanted to leave the court in secret with the people I love, without a procession or tour,” she continued. “I left the court with my daughter, knowing that this would be my last game. I came to an end of the journey with her in tow.” parker quoted to usnews.

Legacy of Excellence: Candace Parker’s Impact on the Game 

Two MVP honors and other championships won to make up Candace Parker’s WNBA legacy, which is nothing short of legendary. Parker has a profound effect on the league, as evidenced by her victories with the Sparks, the Chicago Sky, and the Las Vegas Aces.

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In her reflections, Aces coach Becky Hammon highlighted Parker’s incomparable impact on the game and how she revolutionized the idea of positional basketball. Parker’s absence this season notwithstanding, her departure represents the unavoidable passage of time and is a tribute to her unmatched talent and eternal legacy.

Hammon’s remarks highlight Parker’s lasting impact on the sport and her everlasting influence on upcoming generations of competitors, echoing feelings that are felt by both spectators and athletes.

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